Children are inquisitive, cute, non-judgemental, pure and most of all they believe in magic.  How do you know if your child is psychic?
Obviously, your child doesn’t have to possess ALL of the points mentioned below so don’t be disheartened if they don’t possess them all.

1. Sensitive
Plain and simple psychic children are very sensitive to other people’s energy. You will find this is the case because they are empaths and it is easy for them to pick up and feel every emotion negative and positive from other’s.

2. Sensitive to their surroundings
Spiritually gifted children feel energy so strongly they too can be super sensitive. You will find they can get overwhelmed very quickly by loud noises or lots of people. They can even find everyday noises such as the television too much for them. 


 3. Psychic children have really good instincts about people and places                      They are able to see right through people and look right inside to their soul to see who they truly were. Your psychic child will always know when someone is lying to them or not being genuine or sincere.  A gifted child will always know when something is not right not matter how much you tell them that everything is fine and in perfect order. You just can’t fool them.

4. Your gifted child has imaginary friends
Did you know that the imaginary friend your son or daughter is having a good old chat with is possibly their very own Spirit Guide? A Spirit Guide is a very loving being that we all have and they assist us on our journey through life.
It is very OK to ask your child questions about their imaginary friends such as their name, where they came from and what they look like. Your child will be more than happy to tell you everything if you stay open and receptive.

 5. Loved Ones who have Passed
You will find your intuitive child will talk about loved ones who have passed away. They will even have conversations with them.

6.  Past Life Recall
Sometimes your child may have memories of their past life. The conversation could go something like this.. “I remember when I lived there” or similar comments.

7. Loves animals
Psychic children just love animals and they have a special connection to them.
Gifted kids are drawn to the energy of animals because they exude unconditional love and purity. Just think of a little puppy or kitten and you can’t imagine anything cuter?

8.  Loving and Compassionate
You will find that even though all children are perfect in their own ways, psychic children are just that tad more loving, kind and compassionate.
Your child will be the one that people gravitate towards and feel good having around. Your child will make people feel good and ask lots and lots of very inquisitive questions. These are the kids that are a joy to have around and sometimes even become the teacher’s pet.