Psychic Readings

We are proud to host experienced psychic readers who can connect with Spirit and offer you guidance.
We only select and support highly recommended, gifted, professional readers.

Prices & How To Book

If you would like a reading from our readers please phone us on 02 6156 8342 to make a booking.

 Price Guide (In-Person Readings):

15 minutes - $30.00
30 minutes - $60.00
45 minutes - $90.00
60 minutes - $120.00  

Phone and online reading prices may vary - please call us for more information.

Our Readers

Gaye Piper – Psychic / Intuitive & Guidance

Gaye Piper Headshot

Gaye is a Holistic Practitioner (Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Reader) with many years’ experience in a variety of therapies and specialising in Psychic, Intuitive and Guidance Readings, particularly Soul Connection. She has an infinite psychic and intuitive connection and helps her clients to understand what was, is and may be going on their lives and how best to move forward in a positive and empowering way.

Gaye is a Master Healer and Healing Medium with a deep understating of the situations causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ill health. Gaye facilitates healing of the core issues resulting in balance and joy in all aspects of life and is passionate about “waking” people up to their own magnificence.

WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | 0428 624 452

Rozália Brien – Natural Intuitive

Rozália Brien Headshot

Rozália is a natural intuitive, as was her mother and her ancestral lineage. She is passionate about her cultural heritage (Hungarian) and has been gifted a desire for the oracle and a love of storytelling.

Rozália has recently completed a children’s book which is about to be published. She has created her own style for oracle, numerology and colour readings/consultations, through her intuitive and natural abilities.

She is an empathic clairsentient, which means she can feel people’s emotions. Rozália is a qualified Aura-Soma Practitioner and Wellness Mentor.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | 0438 928 011

Penelope Murray – Psychic Medium

Penelope Murray Headshot

Penelope is an international and locally trained psychic medium and spiritual healer. She loves doing honest, genuine in-depth readings with the tarot cards that she has been using for over 30 years.

Her clairvoyance and psychic abilities allow her to attune to the spirit world where spirits present around you.

If you are looking for guidance, clarification or just another person's perspective when you are experiencing problems in your life, Penelope is able to facilitate this for you.

Website | Facebook | 0466 043 873

Sarah Elizabeth

Highly skilled in spiritual connection, she provides solace and illuminating advice to those who are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges. With skilled direction, Sarah guides you in accessing your potential and connecting you with your true life’s path. A reading with Sarah is transformative in nature, offering a renewed sense of purpose, spirit and clarity.

Sarah is highly sensitive to energy fields and can physically feel and adjust the body’s auric and bio-energy fields – resulting in incredible healing. She offers rebalancing sessions via Zoom.

Sarah has been trained in the art of removing demonic entities, spiritual parasites, ghosts and possessions quickly and effectively using methods taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen – an 88th generation Daoist Priest. Sarah offers removals via Zoom.

Trained in Daoist stone medicine, Sarah incorporates stones and crystals in all her spiritual work as she understands how to utilise their energetic vibrations to bring healing and spiritual evolution to her clients.

What To Expect

It is helpful but not necessary to know what you want to get out of the reading, or to know what general areas you would like to focus on – health, finances, love, etc. You may want to start your reading by asking about these first. That way, your reader should be able to tell you information that applies to you, to let you know they are talking about you.

Then, you can move on to more specific questions and ask for advice from 'Spirit', your angels, spirit guides or deceased relatives. During your reading, you may receive messages from the deceased (through mediumship) and clairvoyants, tarot readers, angel card readers and psychic mediums may present information that generally, only you - the client - would know.

At Heavenly Connections, you can expect your psychic reading to be confidential and anonymous unless you wish to have us share these experiences with others or via testimonials.

You do not have to travel for an in person reading – we offer phone and online readings too!