About Us

Heavenly Connections is a spiritual new age and boutique gift shop located in north Canberra, Australia.
We specialise in all areas of mind, body and spirit and aim to give you a magical and soul enriching experience.

Heavenly Connections Shop Interior


Our store celebrates the brilliance, colour and properties of natural crystals, gemstones and minerals, as well as stones for healing, meditation and spiritual enlightenment. Our staff are experts in crystal therapy and gemstones, and can help tap into a range of modalities to create peace and harmony for you and your loved ones.

For decades, Heavenly Connections has been well known for stunning jewellery catering to all tastes, in a variety of designs that always highlight the beauty of crystals. Our gorgeous jewellery displays are well known throughout the community.

Our unique giftware range has been sourced both locally and internationally, ensuring you'll be able to find something special for yourself or a loved one. 

We stock a large range of new age books and music with a great emphasis on spirituality, self-help and personal development, meditation, religions and cultures, and psychic development.

Our range of candles, incense, aromatherapy oils, sprays and resins will help you to create sacred space and rituals in a relaxing and peaceful environment. We also stock a seasonal variety of quality clothing and accessories.

Heavenly Connections is proud to host experienced psychic readers who can connect with Spirit and offer you guidance and support.

Our Owner

Melanie Seczawa Profile Photo

She is a person with a true love of crystals!

Our founder and owner, Melanie, always wanted to create an environment of peace, harmony and beauty that could be shared with many. With a whole lot of passion and love for what she does, Melanie comes from a place of authenticity and wisdom.

Heavenly Connections' success has a lot to do with Melanie’s down-to-earth attitude and approachability, as well as her passion for crystals, grace and psychic awareness.

It is a place of beauty and wonder, spiritual awareness, love and peace. Melanie’s main aim is to bring people together from all walks of life as equals.
She has managed to do this beautifully through the many lovely products and services at Heavenly Connections!

Our Team

It is very common to walk into Heavenly Connections as a customer and walk out as a friend.

Our aim has always been to treat our customers to an experience rather than a service. We empower our customers with knowledge to help guide them on their path and our products provide the tools to help do so.

We love working and laughing together at Heavenly Connections. We all share the same core values that Heavenly Connections has been built on and work hard to maintain the level of excellence the store is known for.

What makes our team special is our love for each other, love for our products and a passion for what we do. We also make sure to celebrate each other’s strengths and respect each other’s differences.

Come in and say hi to our team members: Melanie, Bev, Belinda, Catherine, Lexi and readers Rozália, Sarah Penelope and Gaye.