Crystal Support

It's good to focus on crystals that will support health and peace of mind at this time.

Crystals that support the lungs, immunity, keep us calm and give protection from negative energy are:

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

We have tourmaline in many forms in our shop, from rough, to double terminated, to our bracelets. The stone of protection and grounding has never been more necessary. 


Garnet, the stone of courage and vitality will lend strength to you at this time. 

Rose Quartz

For centredness in the heart, faith and kindness. This stone also works upon the lungs, which is important as we confront corona. We have rose quartz in many forms in our shop, please just ask us. 


Picking up the beautiful pieces of selenite for you, I instantly felt calmer. Fear causes folks to fall into their sympathetic nervous system and freak out. Anything that can help people come into their higher mind will calm the nervous system, stay calm, and be able to access clarity. A true crystal of clear energy!


A favourite for such good reasons. Amethyst dispels negative energy, calms the nervous system to overcome anxiety and fear and stimulates the immune system. Amethyst clusters, as you would know, are amazing for clearing rooms. 

Green Calcite

This stone is for letting go AND welcoming in the new age that is coming from all of this.  


We have many emerald pieces, from bracelets, to tumble stones, to rough. A part from being beautiful, emerald treats the lungs and helps to overcome life's difficulties. 


Such an amazing cleanser, unifying the heart and the mind, fluorite clears out the system, as well as healing infections of the lungs. 



Bloodstone strengthens immunity and helps with healing from fever and headaches.

Smoky quartz

The great clearer and creator of grounding. Vital in these times!