Gratitude without a Journal

Small Ways to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Life Without Keeping a Journal.

Gratitude has even been found to lower levels of stress and depression, and improve sleep. Here are some ways to share the small ways we can incorporate gratitude into their daily lives. Which of these will you try today?


Set a gratitude alarm

When the alarm goes off recite three things you were grateful for from the past 24 hours. 

Send handwritten thank you cards

Write notes each week to express your appreciation to at least three people.

End the day with a family bedtime recap

Do a brief recap before bedtime with the family to appreciate different things and events from our day.

Visualize the people you’re grateful for

Lean on the power of visualization to incorporate gratitude into your daily life.  Eg smile with gratitude. Whenever you think of someone.

Start each morning with a tech-free breakfast

In the morning sit down to eat breakfast with the family. In that time, put your phones aside, set our intentions for the day, and share what you’re grateful for.

Help someone else

In a world that is so busy and sometimes cold, others feel lost in the shuffle so asking, ‘How are you?’ or ‘Can I do anything to help you?’ can be life-changing.

Express appreciation for the little things

Throughout each day, whenever you see people who have said or done something that you appreciate, make a point to let them know that you’re grateful for the specific ways they’ve recently made a positive impact on you.

Think of three good things

Mentally list ‘three good things’ to shift focus onto the positive rather than ruminating on your perceived failures from the day.


Shift from “I have to” to “I get to”

We often show gratitude for big things but neglect to give thanks for small, daily gifts. Incorporate gratitude into your life by reminding yourself that you get to do things, instead of feeling like you have to do them.

Say hello to strangers

Make an effort to smile at strangers .It’s a good way of acknowledging them without saying anything.

Do daily meditations as a bookend to your day.

Send a gratitude text

Find an accountability partner and text three things you’re grateful for every evening. This is a wonderful way to get to know someone better as well.

Use your shower time to reflect

Speak gratitude messages out loud in the shower. There’s something about water that can move you.

Think about a future gift

In the morning I think of five things you’re grateful for, then list five things you’re grateful for that you don’t yet have. When you feel grateful for future gifts, it helps raise your vibration so you can attract more good things into your life.