The Power of Selenite

The powerful energies of Selenite help you to connect with your guides, guardian angels and higher self. It is one of the best crystals to bring forth the advice and information that you are seeking from your guides. It connects people to their highest level of consciousness where they are most open and accepting of symbolic messages.


Selenite is the key to unlock a doorway to higher realms, a great tool to clear blockages that are on emotional and physical levels. Selenite stimulates the emotional body and compels you to move forward with your life. It helps to rid the aura of negativity that can hamper spiritual growth and development.

The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric chakras. The chakras will then feel completely purified, and then you should experience a liberated sense of self, free of negativity or inhibitions. It is an excellent stone for all types of spiritual work. It connects you to the angelic realm and helps with meditation, telepathy and intuition

Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind any problem. It can also be used to strengthen the memory. It brings clarity of mind, calmness, and works as a strong mood stabilizer. Selenite has often been used to encourage feelings of cooperation in the workplace.

Large Selenite Wand

Selenite calms and soothes, bringing deep peace, inner harmony and sense of tranquillity. It has a high vibrational energy and brings peace to the mind and peace to the atmosphere.

Meditating with Selenite helps to access past and future lives. It is said to carry information from both past and present.

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